VIP Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

We focused on the simple past tense, the present perfect tense, and the present perfect continuous tenses.

Next Class Focus

  • Practice using the past continuous tense with the past simple tense to tell a story.
  • Practice using the past perfect continuous tense to talk about what had been happening before something else.
  • Practice using the simple present and continuous present tenses to talk about the future


Write about things that have happened in your life. Use all 3 tenses we practiced in today’s class. Try to use the verbs we learned (thank / thanked / thanked | pretend / pretended / pretended | sink / sank / sunk | steal / stole / stolen | spend / spent / spent )

Did you eat dinner yesterday?

Yes. I ate dinner yesterday


How much did you cost for this computer?
How much did you spend on this computer?

Is there somebody has stolen your phone before?
Has anybody stolen your phone before?


sink – practice the /s/ sound at the beginning of the word

think – put your tongue between your teeth for this sound


I wear warm clothes (usually)

I am wearing warm clothes (now)


Pretending – want others to believe
He’s pretending to be a pilot

Pilot – a person who flies a plane

Review the list of verbs we used to practice today.
Verb forms – commonly used verbs