VIP Class Notes (Joe)


  • Describe something about a TV show or movie that you like and try to use a variety of expressions, idioms and adjectives that specifically describe the feelings or actions happening in these scenes.
  • Practice using the words we talked about today in any example sentences. It’s not important for the example to be realistic or true. Just try to use the vocabulary.


Segregation (noun) – separation based on race or another factor
There was segregation between black and white people before the civil war

Segregate (verb)

Anecdote (noun) – a funny story which may or may not be true

Joke (noun) – a funny story which is typically not true

A row (noun) – a serious argument


That left him a very impressive memory – this is positive
That left an impression on him – this is neutral

Made an anecdote
Told an anecdote

I don’t know why China is banning these websites (temporary)
I don’t know why China bans these websites (permanent)


Apparently – uh pah rint lee