VIP Class Notes (Joe)


Apex Predator – The strongest animal at the top.
The lion is an apex predator but a cat is not

compass – 指南 针
He used a compass to find his way home

Ferocious – 凶猛
The tiger is too ferocious

then – after something
The Eiffel Tower is taller than the sheep


Yao Min taller than James
Yao Min is taller than James

Let’s to buy a new one
Let’s buy a new one


One day a person want to buy a diamond for a gift to his wife, but he tripped. He is very sad. He goes to the police office and the police office catch him. He use the compass to go out the police office.

One day a person wanted to buy a diamond as a gift for his wife, but he tripped. He went to the police office and the policeman caught him. He used the compass to leave the police office.


Meters – me tiz

Centimetres – sen tee me tiz

compass – kom pis

ferocious – fi ro shis