VIP Class Notes (Joe)



Whenever you hear something that interests you, try to think about what word you could use to react. Using ‘that’s interesting’ is good, but you should use a variety of vocabulary. Practice using words like ‘fascinating’, ‘intriguing’ and ‘delightful’.


To avoid misunderstanding, you need to practice the pronunciation of the words ‘renewal’, ‘world’ and ‘maximum’. Make sure you record your own voice while you say these words and compare your pronunciation to a native speaker or online dictionary.


The one mistake which you often seem to make is using ‘one of’ incorrectly. In our conversation you said ‘one of the biggest company’ and ‘one of the largest broker’. Please think of 3 of the smallest and 3 of the biggest things that you know of and practice using the phrase ‘one of’ to make sentences about these. Example: ‘The apple 5s is one of the smallest mobile phones I have seen recently’.


Finished (fi-nisht) – make sure you say the /t/ at the end

Protecting (pri-tek-ting) – don’t lose the 2nd syllable.

World – make sure you say the /l/ sound before the /d/ sound.

Renewal (ree-new-wil)

Zoning (zo-ning) – focus on the shape of your mouth when you say the /o/ sound.

Equitably (e-kwi-ti-blee) – focus on saying the /l/ sound in the final syllable.

Maximum (mak-see-mim) – make sure you say an /m/ sound instead of an /n/ sound at the end


I’m good on that
I’m good at that

One of the biggest real-estate broker
One of the biggest real-estate brokers

All the ownership in china belong to the state
All the land in china belong to the state
All the land in china is in the government’s hands

You can get a 70 years land use right
You can get a 70-year land use right

China come up with this system in the 80’s
China came up with this system in the 80’s






In the hands of

Unconsciously (when you’re sleeping)

Subconsciously (without thinking about it)