VIP Class Notes (Joe)


Ask 8 questions with ‘Do you + verb’ and answer all the questions with full sentences.

Today we focused on:

We focused on asking questions with ‘do you’ and ‘have you’.

Next Class Focus

Practice using ‘Are you’ and ‘Will you’ questions.


Brazil – 巴西
Amazon Rain forest – 亚马逊雨林
The Amazon Rain-forest is in Brazil

Tourists – people who travel for leisure
There are many tourists at Jing’an temple every day

Environment – 环境
Vegetarian – someone who doesn’t eat meat
Some people are vegetarian because they think it’s good for the environment

Virus – 病毒
I went to the hospital because I had a virus


Failure – fay ljir

Amazon – e mi zon


I haven’t day off
I don’t have a day off

I have seen elephant in Thailand
I have seen many elephants in Thailand

The most beautiful location in Africa where is the location?
Where is the most beautiful location in South Africa?

Which is the interesting things in South Africa?
What are the most interesting things in South Africa?

Many travel go there?
Do many tourists go there?

What are the most delicious foods? (in your opinion in general)

Which are the most delicious foods? (of a limited number of choices)