VIP Class Notes (Joe)


Think about something that there is a stigma around in China. Use the words we practiced to describe it.

Today we focused on:

We focused on using new vocabulary to describe things that people find hard to understand or believe.

Next Class Focus

Next time we must practice using ‘release’ and ‘relieve’ with different combinations of nouns.


Last week I asked 1 week leave
Last week I asked for 1 week’s leave

He has very serious ill.
He is very seriously ill.
He has a very serious illness.

He lied on the bed
He lay on the bed

I also have many chats with who in charge his medication
I also had many chats with the ones (the doctors who are) in charge of his medication

But , even with such operation we can not ensure there will be a better situation
We can’t be sure the operation will improve the situation (more natural)

To help you to release your stress
To help you relieve stress

Relieve stress / tension / anxiety /symptoms


Ill – adjective – sick
He is ill

Illness – noun – sickness
He has an illness

I feel like I grew up overnight
I had to mature very quickly
I look back on last week as a simpler time in my life
– These are all ways to express the feeling that you have left behind a happy and innocent feeling recently.

Psychiatrists – doctor of mental illnesses

Psychologist – professional who is not a doctor but can help you with mental illnesses

Stigma – shame
There is a stigma around being gay in Russia