VIP Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

We built vocabulary by broadly discussing different seasons.

Next Class Focus

Practice using the vocabulary we learned in a speaking exercise.


Practice using ‘every’ and ‘all’ in sentences and questions. Try to write at least 5 questions and 5 answers using these words.


Scorching – very hot
It is scorching today

Freezing – very cold
It will be freezing in January

Both – used to talk about 2 which share something (positive)
Both of them are interesting. I like both of them

Either – used to talk about 2 which share something (negative)
I don’t like either tea or coffee

Mild – not hot. Not cold
I prefer mild weather

Hot-Tempered – get angry easily
When I was young I was hot-tempered

Mild-tempered – can get angry but not easily
As I got older I became mild-tempered

Be on sale – things are on sale
These shoes are on sale

Have a sale – shops have a sale
The shop is having a sale

renovate – to restore something to a better condition
My room looked old so I decided to renovate it

decorate – to make something look attractive by adding extra colors or decorations
I will decorate the Christmas tree

Festival – noun 节日
Spring festival is coming soon

Festive – adj 节日
A Christmas tree creates a festive atmosphere

Every coin has two sides – everything has a positive and a negative

New Year’s Eve – last day of the year
New Year’s Day – first day of the year

every + 1
every door has a key

all + more than 1
all doors have keys


I don’t like scorching weather either freezing weather
I don’t like either scorching weather or freezing weather

I don’t like either short or fat men

I renovate my apartment
I renovated my apartment

It feels festive atmosphere
It makes/creates a festive atmosphere

Miniskirts are popular in young girls
Miniskirts are popular with young girls


Atmosphere – at mis fear

Regulate- re gue lait