VIP Class Notes (Joe)

Next Class Focus

We need to practice using adverbs like ‘quickly’ and ‘badly’ while we practice countable and uncountable nouns like ‘water’ and ‘picture’.


Choose 10 words from the list of verbs and practice asking and answering questions in the 3 tenses we practiced today (simple present, simple past, present perfect).


The shops are open from 9 till 5.
The shops are open from 9 ‘til 5.

The Tv shows will(would) be finished in two years times
The TV shows will(would) be finished in two years’ time

I was watching TV while my daughter was having dinner. The shop assistant has knocked 10% of the price. The price has been discounted by 10% The thief ‘s picture has been seen by police. The police has seen the thief’s picture.

Why did you not receive my call yesterday?
Why did you not answer my call yesterday?

Why have you not received my phone calls?
Why have you not answered my phone calls?


Quickly – adverb
I ran quickly

Quick – adj
I saw a quick fox

bad – adj
This drawing is bad

Badly – adv
I draw badly

Childhood – the time when you were a child
I dreamed about my childhood

Beat (verb) – to defeat someone and be the winner
I beat my daughter at chess
[note – to say ‘I beat my daughter’ means 我打了我女儿. Make sure you say ‘at something’ to make the meaning clear]

X-Ray (verb) – to take a picture inside your body
Passive – I was X-rayed
Active – the doctor X-rayed me


My daughter usually beat me for computer games
My daughter usually beats me at computer games

Yesterday, I forgot to brought my mirror
Yesterday, I forgot to bring my mirror


Chose (simple past verb) same sound as nose