VIP Class Notes (Joe)


Practice asking questions using ‘does’, ‘do’, ‘is’ and ‘are’. Remember the following structures:
Does + verb (e.g. Does she like it?)
Is + adj (e.g. Is it interesting?)
Is + verb + ing (Is she running?)
Is + noun (Is she the boss?)


Replace – to put something new in the place of something old
We have to replace one of the words because it can’t be registered

Register – to officially enter something into a secure system of records
We have to register the new company name


I born in Shanghai
I was born in Shanghai

I want to live small town
I want to live in a small town

I’m studying now because I want to improve my accounting skill
I’m studying now because I want to be a better accountant

Does it hot?
Is it hot?


Improve – im proov