VIP Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

We focused on describing artworks and talking about the foreground and background.\

Next Class Focus

Discuss the different genres of art, such as impressionism and modernism.


Learn about the different genres of art by reading some articles on
In the next class we can look at different paintings and identify which genres they are from.


foreground – the front area of a picture

hill – smaller than a mountain
peak – the top of a hill or mountain
The peaks of the hills can be seen rising from the fog.

impressionism – characterized by depicting the visual impression of the moment
Monet was the father of impressionism

abstract art – art that does not attempt to look like reality
Children often say that abstract art is not realistic

realistic (adj) – looks real
The mountains in this picture are not realistic

murky(adj) – not clear
the water in the river is murky

blend (verb) – form a harmonious combination
The colors in the background blend together to form a sunset


realistic – ree yi lis tik

impressionism – im pre shi ni zim

hill – short vowel

heel – longer vowel


the background there are mountains
in the background there are mountains

the foreground there is a house
in the foreground there is a house