VIP Class Notes (Joe)

Today we focused on:

We focused a lot on the use of simple past tense verbs and the pronunciation of words like ‘bought’, ‘taught’ and ‘caught’.

Next Class Focus

It’s important to say the ‘s’ sound at the end of possessive nouns like ‘school’s’ and ‘Mr. Bean’s’.


Rewrite the paragraph you wrote about Mr Bean. Make sure you use the past tense correctly to talk about what happened in the past.


signal – sig nil

caught – kot (long vowel)

taught – tot – long vowel

dangerous – dayn ji ris


I little I come to Shanghai
When I was little I came to Shanghai

I like my school food
I like my school’s food

Which country do you like?
Do you have puppy?

Which food you don’t like it?
Which food don’t you like?

Mr Bean catched a lot of worms
Mr Bean caught a lot of worms

It was time for Mr Bean favorite TV show
It was time for Mr Bean’s favorite TV show