VIP Class Notes (Joe)


Practice using ‘go’ with and without ‘to’. Remember that we do not use ‘to’  with adverbs. For example, you can say ‘go to the shop’ but we cannot say ‘go to there’.


Why are you late?

Because of the traffic jams (grammatically correct but not natural)
I was stuck in a traffic jam (natural)
There were many traffic jams on my way here (natural)
I was stuck in traffic (natural)
Because of the traffic jam (natural)

Is your car big or small?
The middle one
It’s medium-sized
I drive a medium-sized car

it’s more convenience
it’s more convenient

go to everywhere
go everywhere

go to outside
go outside

What kind of coffee you bought?
What kind of coffee did you buy?


fit (verb)- the size is correct
Four people can fit comfortably in my car
fit (noun) – the size is correct|
It’s a good fit for me

suit (verb) – appropriate style
These clothes don’t suit you

outside (not in a building, e.g. a park, a garden, a street)
The children are playing outside because it’s sunny.

out (not at home/office)
I’m going out for lunch to meet my friends at a restaurant)

theme park (places like Disney world)
I went to a theme park and enjoyed riding the roller coaster.


abroad – i brod

aboard – i bord