VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [W / S]

Today we focused on:

Focused totally on sentences and adding details and being clear. Talked about specific situations at work and got Cida to try to add details using which / that to break up her ideas


As per my previous email, I do not have login access to http…. and I still can’t login as per the below picture. Please kindly tell us the reason and let me know how to solve it this time and in future.

they contacted me on Skype

We planned this project because we want to achieve our financial targets for 2019, and we’re really happy that so many people won this competition / got their nike products …


achieve – like a really hard goal / target

get / receive – shou dao – normal things

trolls – someone online that attacks people

situation – qing kuang

for example + sentence / list
such as + list
including + list

almost = cha yi dian dao 100%
most = more than 50%


we post the achieve the shoes.. – we posted the list which was who can buy the collaboration shoes

Our department, the PR team post buy shoes the people list in social media.
Our department which is the PR team posted the list of the people who can buy the shoes, on social media.

I think I have a big problem that is when I want to express something.

my iphone phone case
the case is custom
the phone is from taobao
the case is cool
the case is expensive

My iPhone case that I bought on taobao is cool and expensive and it is customized.

my cool, expensive, and from taobao custom iphone phone case is great.

I am your teacher.
I am the teacher of you. 


speaking 1: uncorrected

this week our marketing department is focused on the nike collaboration things. we post the achieve the shoes… many many people to register these shoes but only 200 person own the priority to original price buy this shoes, but many people very angry and use extremely words on our weibo account. Our department, the PR team post buy shoes the people list in social media and meanwhile we must smooth the consumer mood and another things is my social part. because in september and october our brand have many big events in this month so i will arrange the social content in advance such as we and another game have a collaboration and we make a collection products for this collaboration and we prepare for the PR release and consolidate other departments message such as the ecommerce department and merchandise department and meanwhile we will arrange some celebrities and KOLs to wear this collection products in advance. So this is the planning week.

speaking 2: corrected

We had a meeting with the / our ecommerce dept and we talked about some customised graphics on our social platform. They want to book our social platform’s content date to post their graphic to consumers. I don’t know if the ecommerce dept doesn’t really understand what customisation is. The graphics which they provided are almost all ugly and not our brands style so our team didn’t want to post this on our brand’s official social media but we can’t refuse them directly so we said please hold on, we must rearrange our calendar and next week we will reply to you about this request quickly. I don’t know, when I look at YT videos, I saw the Levis channel, the US marketing department usually uploads some customisation videos. It’s very popular and they have unique patterns but in the China marketing our graphics look very taobao style. The graphic designer don’t know our brand’s core meaning / the core meaning of our brand.


item – uh 
them – ehh – egg (thegg)
theme – eeee – dream