VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [W / S]

Next Class Focus

Focus on making simple sentences like: there is a girl. she is walking. / i have a friend. she is my best friend. / he gives her a pen because she doesn’t have a pen / she looks outside to find her friend / it is their house so they live there.


Mr Bean just wake up and then a girl comes to Mr Bean house. A girl is a poster but he doesn’t see the post. And he gets a man. The man give he somethings. He put some photography on his home’s outside. He looks at the photography and he doesn’t like it because it doesn’t have anythings. He puts the poster at all plans. The boy look at the poster and says I was find it, give me 5 money. but everyone was wear red shoes.

Not corrected – hard to understand…


The same as above but speaking

There is a girl outside Mr bean’s house. she is giving the newspaper to Mr Bean. Mr Bean wants to get the newspaper but the paper is suddenly gone. He open the small door and he look at the outside but he doesn’t see anything. The next day, the girl comes to Mr Bean’s house to give the newspaper again but he lose his newspaper again. He doesn’t feel well because he lose his newspaper 2 days.

here / there / where 

their / I / they / him