VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [W]


Focus on the grammar we did today and do some writing.

Today we focused on:

talked a lot about tense + sentence logic + when to use “ing” verbs and when to use “do” rather than other tenses


once time I with my friend booking the tennis court – once I booked a tennis court with my friend

the court is hard to finding a good facilityit is hard to find a good court / finding a good court is hard

to me speak English is hard – speaking English is hard for me

reason / treat
to + verb
for + noun
eg. I buy a cake for you / for your birthday 
eg2. I buy a cake to give you
eg3. it is hard for me / it is hard to speak English

Do – no time, time is not important, the action is important
eg. When I speak English, I thought in Chinese before, but now when I speak English I try to think in English, and focus on SVO.
eg2. I like coffee because it is good = no time

the court is hard to finding a good facility with courts / regarding tennis courts / for courts, it is hard to find good service

I help you learn English / I help you to learn English


once = one time
twice = 2 times

racket / racquet – the bat thing you use in tennis to hit the ball

bounce – the ball “jumping”
eg. the ball bounces very high

I want to get a new one / I want to replace it / switch it for a new one = buy a new one / change one

something – don’t know what it is, but maybe should know / want to know
thing – any dong xi / shi qing

there = na li / you
eg. I go there = 那里
eg2. there are many people here = 有

they / them = 他们


intelligent appliance
Intelligent appliances are helping us doing somethings quickly. There are around our life. For example, if the weather is hot and I can control the phone to turn on air conditioner on my way. When I am at home that the temperature is descend. There are many appliances. It’s so easy.

intelligent appliance
Intelligent appliances are helping us do / to do things quickly. They are around our lives. For example, if the weather is hot, and I can use the phone to turn on the air conditioner on my way / I can control the AC with my phone on my way. Then, when I am at home, that the temperature is lower. It’s so easy for us with the many intelligent appliances these days.