VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [W]


Practice using “where” to describe your hometown during CNY

Today we focused on:

Lots of review from last class – talked about which / where, how to use them.


xi guan – is used to / am used to
eg. My mum is used to YingChuan / is used to living there / is used to life there

book – table / time / person
order – buy sth that sb gives you / sends to you
eg. I booked a table at 5PM
eg2. I ordered some shoes from taobao / I ordered a pizza at the restaurant

meal – tao can / breakfast lunch and dinner
eg. this was a great meal, thank you.
eg2. At McDonald’s: Would you like a meal? (would you like chips and a drink with your burger)

have class = study (passive) – experience it
do yoga = exercise (active) – participate in it

have a massage / have a shower
do your makeup / do your nails

how often do you study English? = I study English twice a week
how long each time? = I study for 1 hour each time
I study English for 1 hour twice a week

I go home every year = my hometown
I go home at 5PM = in Shanghai


How many times did you spend studying English.
How many times did you make dinner one a week.
My brother and sister come back to hometown every Chinese New Year,but this year ,my brother wouldn’t come back to hometown because his son have to do some class for enter a higher school.
I don’t like to order takeout because which give a lot of plastic tableware,I think that is not for environmental protection.

How often do you study English?
How often do you make dinner each week / how many times (each week) do you make dinner (each week)?
My brother and sister go back to our hometown / go home every Chinese New Year, but this year, my brother will not go back to our hometown / go back home because his son has to have some classes to enter a particular / specific middle school.
I don’t like to order takeout / delivery food because it’s a waste of / there is too much plastic tableware, which I think that is not good for the environment.

I don’t like to order food because they give you too much plastic which is bad for the environment.


there is a lot of plastic which I think is very bad.
there was a big snow / it snowed heavily which was very cold

for + noun
to + verb
eg. I come here for English / I work for money
eg2. I work to make money / I come here to study English

I’m having class now
I have class every Sunday

If I had a lot of money I would buy a house

Would you like a coffee? = (If I asked you,) would you like to drink a coffee?

Could you give me a coffee?

where = at that place
eg. I went to Starbucks. At that cafe, I can buy some coffee = I went to Starbucks where I can buy some coffee
which = it
eg. I went to Starbucks. It is big = I went to Starbucks which is big



plane = plaen