VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [W]


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Write something like a story and try to use the words.

Next Class Focus

correct the writing from today


I went out last night – I went for dinner / drinks

bar – drinks + food, some music
club – drinks + loud music + dancing

change of scenery
eg. I need to go out at least once a week because I need a change of scenery

i slept / i fell asleep
eg. when I was on the phone with him I just fell asleep because it was too late

our schedules are out of sync – we never do the same things at the same times

help each other in different areas 

get engaged – ding hun

regret – hou hui


we together to relax to relax together 

we together to do thingswe do things together 

he always called me – he used to call me

we not lived together for 2 years – we didn’t live together for 2 years


When I have time, I like to listen to the audio books,meanwhile do something else such as draw and do housework. I always immerse myself into the stories .Different with me,my husband has a little interesting in audio books ,he likes to play mobile games ,but he doesn’t immerse in mobile games.I know that is the way for him to relax.