VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [W]


Should the international community do more to tackle the threat of global warming?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

the / be / +s (verbs)


It is a controversial topic among the society that people tends to experience more stress than people used to before. In regard(s) to this question, I personally believe that the younger generations might actually feel more pressure from the public, due to the greater exposure / visibility of people’s personal lives and the improved social network.

It is obvious that the world has changed a lot compared to how / the way it used to be before. With the development of network technology and the greater significance of social media in people’s daily lives, the children in the 21st century would have a lot / many more people ‘around’ them, ‘spying’ on their lives with both positive and negative connotations. Moreover, as people at a younger age tends to have a higher chance to be suffer from vanity, especially with the current trend that exists / as the current trend exists in the social media, which can be simply described by / as purely ‘showing off’ online, and that would leads to a higher / greater peer pressure, and can also be known as the sense of having to keep up with the trends / keep up with the jones’ 

Compared to the life before the mobile telecommunication developed, people were unlikely to have privacy concerns / issues that easily back then, and they have to even travel a long way to a particular phone booth to make a phone call in the 1980s. Because of the inconveniences and the less / reduced exposure to the ‘grown-up world’, teenagers might have had a freer childhood life, having their special moments with their friends or some memorable adventures in the woods, instead of being distracted by the cellphones. As a result, the stress of having to face the truth and brutality of the world could be eliminated.

All in all, without the pressure from the outside world, no matter whether it is due to the vanity, or due to the too-early exposure to the  (western / modern) society, the people from the earlier century may experience less stress than now.

the Sydney Opera house = there’s only 1
the weather is good = obvious one (Shanghai’s weather)
the cup on the table is mine = there’s one cup here, and 1 table (obvious)

I like the coffee = the one I’m having / talking about / obvious
I like coffee = all coffee
I like coffee from Starbucks
I like the coffee from Starbucks that I had yesterday (specific / obvious)

I am so hot that I need to turn on the AC
I have a phone that I can use to call my friend

I compare iphone to android
I compared them

this compared to that is good / compared to this, that is good

in regards to / regarding / in terms of / on the subject of 

in the age of the internet = era

at this age = how old you are

be – am is are

the – use it to make sth more specific
coffee = all coffee / coffee in general
the coffee = being specific about this / that / already known coffee

I have a cup of NOUN
I am a student of NOUN

IELTS Part 1

Are there many advertisements in your country

advertisements – ad ver teyez ments / ad ver tis ments


do a lot of efforts – make a lot of efforts

How do you feel about advertisements?

Are there any advertisements that you’ve seen and liked and remember?

Do you like traveling by car?

you got that placegot to that place 

get on the car get in the car 

comparing to riding a bike – compared to

physical activity 

action (smaller) / activity (bigger)

Someone You Would like to be Similar To
Describe a person who you would like to be similar to. You should say:
who this person is
how you know this person
what impresses you about this person
and explain why you would like to be similar to this person.