VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [W]


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Write something like a story and try to use the words.


My family and me come back to Hometown during the Chinese festival ,although the weather always cold and windy we still choose come back !New year ‘s Eve is very important in Chinese festival ,My family would cook a lot of delicious food on the night .Dumpling is favorite food in Chinese family. we make dumpling around the table on New Year’s Eve,We are laughing and talking very exciting and the children receive that red packets,Everyone is very happy!I almost forgot one thing.we dressed new and beautiful clothes During the holiday!

My family and I went back to our Hometown during spring festival, and although the weather was always cold and windy we still chose to go back! New year ‘s Eve is very important in spring festival so my family would cook a lot of delicious food at night. Dumplings are the favorite food in Chinese families and / so we make dumplings around the table on New Year’s Eve. We laugh and talk very excitedly and children receive red packets which makes them all very happy! I almost forgot one thing which is we wear new and beautiful clothes during the holiday!


I went to work which was boring.
I have a coffee which is from Starbucks.

, – pause / separates – comma
. – finishes a point / idea / subject – full stop / period

conjunction – lian ci
preposition – jie ci

I went to work and it was fun, and it was also exciting.
I went to the park to see my friend, and then I went home to see my parents.

I put on clothes
I wear clothes / I dress in clothes
I take off clothes

come – from that place to here
go – from this place to there

hot and wet – humid
cold and wet – damp

last night – tonight – tomorrow night
yesterday – today – tomorrow 
yesterday morning – this morning – tomorrow morning  

competition – bi sai

professional – zhuan ye de
there are 5 dancing teachers there who are very professional 


I am excited – your feeling
It is exciting – how it makes you feel
I am talking very excitedly – the way you talk

verbs – what time?
nouns – how many? which one?

during the day / in the daytime / in the day

at night / in the night

I want to drink coffee

2 verbs together, always use “to” 

I feel cold
I am cold
I am happy

My ___ and I.
Me and my ____. 

So I with my partner watched a competition. It was exciting – So I watched a competition with my partner which was exciting. – remember: first say what you do, then add detail, then add “which” to describe more. 


eve – evening – “eev”

Needs more review

I have < > I don’t have – part of / mine
There is < > There isn’t / there is no – a place has
I have done < > I haven’t done – have an experience / done it before

I very like – I really like
It is very hot / It is really hot