VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [W]

Next Class Focus

Mr Bean speaking story


Write about your dog and use some of the words from today and last class. Tell me what funny things he does, what things he does that you don’t like, and what is your favourite thing about your dog?


My dog hears the basket has sound, it will come so quick and bite the air then jumps to the hands.

When my dog hears the basket, it will come so quickly and bite the air and then jump at my hands.


when i back home when I get back home / when I am back home


frequently – often
eg. I frequently do my homework at night

whine – the sad sound of a dog

yip – the happy / excited sound of a dog

bark – the talking sound of a dog

howl – say hello to another dog / family / pack (phone call)

growl – angry sounds of a dog

a pride of lions
a pack of wolves / dogs