VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [W]

Today we focused on:

focused a lot on grammar from writing.

Next Class Focus

Job interviews


even though = it is true
even if = possible / hasn’t happened / not real situation
eg. Even if it rains tomorrow I still want to get married = maybe it will rain – possible
eg2. Even though it’s raining now, I still want to go outside = it is raining – 100%

get = become / receive

balance = amount of money in an account
party = people / company
changed = huan
charged = asked to pay


the other party changed the balance

verb – what time?
nouns – which one? how many? 

to = arrive / distance
at = point
in = period / inside
on = touching / top
with = together

I wasn’t married in Nov.
I got married in Dec.
I was married until September the next year.
Now, I’m not married. / I got divorced.

I am getting married = right now it’s happening
I am getting married = I will get married

I finished my food at 7:30 (finished = past tense verb)
My food is finished (finished = adj / food situation)
The food was finished at 7:30 = adj / verb (passive voice)
The food was finished by the dog = verb (passive voice)

This is a finished product (adj)

It’s an open account (adj – status is open)
It’s an opened account (adj / verb (passive voice))


Both offices are getting a long opening account. Therefore, I’m in the same position to close it timely. Shall wait for your confirmation and move on

Both accounts have been open for a long time / are yet to be settled and have been open since late 2018. Therefore, I’m in the same position as you and hope to close it (quickly) in a timely manner . Shall wait for your confirmation before moving on.

Then we can have a quicker settlement even there’s long time opening. = Then we can have a quicker settlement even though the account has been open for a long time / it’s a long-opened account.

situation 1: Agent can’t carry on with the statement from year 2018 to 2019, they must cut it at / by the end of the year. So after we have settled the year 2018 with them, then we start the new balance from the beginning of 2019.
L: As per our arrangement for the paying party to alternate each year, for Jan, the other party will be making the payment this year.
Therefore, I suggest to get the balance confirmation and we can settle together to reduce the bank handling charge.
Also a problem is we get a lot of trouble by paying from China, so if we can reduce the bank transfer, it’s a better solution for our settlement.
I’m getting the instruction from my accounting manager that we strike balance (settled) already,
then we settle as low as we can / for a minimum. As / Since paying / collecting is increasing bank charges.
Also I’m wondering why your office didn’t confirm the recent invoices and only pushed for settling this account.