VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [W]


catch – grab / get
eg. I catch the ball
eg2. I can’t catch the meeting – I can’t attend
eg3. I can’t catch your meaning

catch up – to become the same level as sth else
eg. I tried to catch up with the man who was running faster than me
eg2. me and my friends catch up on the weekend – we talk all about our recent lives so we’re all have the same information

align with / get up to speed / get on the same page 



he’s responsible for the approval and delivery / approval & delivery process = 1 process

to + verb
for + noun

I come here to learn English
I come here for English
I work for money
I bought a cake to give you for your birthday

to = arrive 
I go to Japan
I talk to you
I give a cake to you
It is different to that / from that

for = help 
I work for you
I did it for you
I bought the cake for you
I take a photo for my grandma

i just back from nanjingI just came back / I am just back from nanjing

to make sure the smooth happening – To make sure it goes smoothly / to make sure it happens smoothly 


Hi All,

We are delighted / We are happy / We are pleased / It is our great honor to invite you / Please accept our invitation to / for the walk through of the Beijing SKP Pop-Up event. Let’s meet at the Pop-Up Store / I have arranged for us to meet at the popup store / Please ensure that you’re at the ….. next Thursday (27th June), see you then! / Looking forward to meeting with you / See you all there. / We’re really looking forward to… 

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions, many thanks! / Should you have any questions please do let us know / In the event that you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me / Get back to me if you need anything. 

Best Regards,

Hi Lili,

We were surprised to be informed / hear / It came as quite a shock to us / We were quite disappointed that the quills cannot be sourced in London at this stage considering / seeing as the event will start in 3 days…

We are checking the possibility with VM team but it must be / it’s likely to be / I’m sure it’s too late to produce at this moment. We also checked with 4 calligraphers – one of them only has the pen rest, as attached, but others don’t have the pen rest at all. Please kindly note / Please remember / For future reference / Please be aware / I just wanted to add / It’s important that you remember that we cannot ensure that we can meet the deadline in such a short period for sourcing, approval, and delivery. Thanks for your understanding. / Thanks so much for understanding our position / We really appreciate your understanding in this matter. 

I arrived here as an Australian citizen = I arrived here and I was an Australian citizen
it came as a shock = the information arrived in the form of a shock / and it was a shock


experi ence


ecks peer reee yensss

colleagues – col leegz