VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [W]


Choose a graph to write about (IELTS part 2)

Focus on synonyms – don’t repeat vocabulary.

Writing exercise

Actually this is what really attracted me at the first sight. After talk with him I know he never use his strong mucles to bullying people or do violence things.I admire he can keep a regular lifestyle make exercise as a daily basis. I know there still many people have prejudice with strong people.maybe they think strong people are look like gangster but we can’t judge a person only by his appearance. My husband treat everyone in gentle and always willing to give a hand to those who need a help.

Actually this is what really attracted me (to him) at first. After talking / my conversation with him I realised he never uses his strong muscles to bully people or do violent things / for bullying or violence. I admire that he can keep / maintain a regular lifestyle doing exercise on a daily basis. I know there are still many people who still have prejudice and think strong people look like gangsters but we can’t judge a person only by his appearance / you can’t judge a book by its cover. My husband treats everyone nicely / gently / kindly and always is willing to give a hand to those who need help.


yes – don’t use to confirm things you just said

normal peoplesnormal people

peak period / peak hour

common expression – like cheng yu – things many native English speakers say

serotonin / dopamine – happy chemicals

At first I thought today was Thursday.

knew – know before but not now
thought – think before but not now

met – the time you first know them
realised – the time you first think sth

know – now
think – now


I maybe go there by a train – I might go there by train 

may = might 

may / maybe / may be / might 

it may / might be good, but you shouldn’t do it.

It will rain tomorrow… maybe.

maybe I will buy a car to go theremaybe I will buy a car to allow myself to travel there

he she it name – + s 

i we they you – no s

I run fast / I am a fast runner / I am fast
I speak well / I am a good speaker
I look good / I am handsome

connecting ideas: 

1: conjunctions
2: prepositions
3: verb-noun

There is a man who is teaching English.

There is a man teaching English.

He can be healthy by eating / if he eats fruit…
He can be healthy eating fruit and vegetables

I have a cup. It is on the table.
I have a friend. She is funny.