VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [W]


review the grammar from today. write a story about what you like to do and what you DON’T like to do. think of your hobbies and your husband’s hobbies. is there something you didn’t like before but now you do?


eg. the fruit has different tastes

salty / bitter / spicy / sweet / sour

eg. my favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry

no is sweet it is not sweet 

stew – guiso
eg. I make stew for my family with banana’s sister

poke – meter
eg. i poked myself in my eye


the holidays are from this week to next week = the holidays start this week 

(time) subject + verb (time)

now I am not working / now they are not working

now I don’t have a phone / I will not have a phone

I do it < > I don’t do it / I have it < > I don’t have it 
I did it < > I didn’t do it / I had it < > I didn’t have it 
I am doing it < > I am not doing it / I’m not doing it
I will do it < > I will not do it / I won’t do it 
I have done it < > I haven’t done it 
I am happy < > I am not happy
I am a man < > I am not a boy 


because this week start Holidays and many people here in Shanghai not working, I thought “I will don’t have phone for (during) two weeks.
The last attempt was at 9:30 and finally my wifi in the Movil working again. I was very happier.

The whole afternoon and night I tried and tried to fix it but I was tired, sad and very angry because the holidays will start this week and many people here in Shanghai aren’t working, I thought “I will not have a phone for (during the next) two weeks.
The last attempt was at 9:30 and finally my wifi on the mobile was working again. I was very happy.