VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [S / W]


Write a diary using some of the words from today – focus on longer sentences using conjunctions.

Today we focused on:

reviewed last class + demo, did lots of conversation and reminded her of vocabulary she has learned before. Need to do more conversation in future.


he’s only good at selling cosmetics
I am good at teaching grammar
I am bad at English

we have been married for 7 years
I have been to Japan many times

I had been to Japan / I had traveled to Japan
I have been / I have traveled

I will have been doing
eg. In 10 minutes I will have been teaching for 1 hour but now I have been teaching for 50 minutes.

When I got married with my husband
When I married my husband

it is my other hobby = the last 1
it is one of my hobbies = just 1 of many
it is another of my hobbies = say 1, and then 1 more

I will change to sth = to replace sth with sth else / 代替
I will change sth = make sth changed

I have a computer. It is black. = I have a computer which is black.
I have a friend. She is fat. = I have a friend who is fat.

Today I went to the mall where we met first.


apartment complex / community / compound – xiao qu

apartment – gong yu

enthusiastic / passionate 
eg. Li Jia Qi is very enthusiastic when he sells cosmetics

I like strong coffee like espresso < > Shadow prefers weak coffee

don’t say foreigner., you can say: 

westerner / someone from another country / asian lady / white guy / black guy ….

westerner – someone from a western country
eg. Jesse and Tibo are westerners

I haven’t used English for a long time / while 
I haven’t seen you for some time / while  
I waited for you for a short time 

we haven’t seen each other for a long time – hao jiu bu jian

I will work hard / come on me / I hope so / I will do my best = jia you

1.5 hours = 1 and a half hours / an hour and a half 

34 kilometers / kays / ks

convenient – fang bian
convenience store – bian li dian

envy – xian mu
jealous – ji du
eg. I envy you / I am jealous of you


I woke up at 6 o’clock and I had breakfast and I did makeup and I go to the ba bai ban mall by bus and I buy a cup of coffee at starbucks. I go to the shop with my colleague, 1 colleague of them, she name is Nita. Recently she want to leave our company so I must talk with her about why she want to leave our company. She want to relax for a lot of time. She say she feel very tired.

I woke up at 6 o’clock and I had breakfast and I did (my) makeup and I went to the mall by bus and I bought a cup of coffee at Starbucks. I went to the shop with one of my staff / subordinates / team, her / whose name is Nita. Recently she wants to leave our company so I must talk with her about why she wants to leave our company / talk to her about why.. She wants to relax for a while. She said she feels very tired.


vocabulary – “voe kab you lair ree”
I learned a lot of English vocabulary today.

I remember all my anniversaries with my husband.

The boss / my boss expects me to improve my performance,

I like Japanese food, but I prefer Chinese food.

daily necessities
I think cosmetics are daily necessities of life.

No child dislikes toys.

Watching TV is another of my hobbies.

lose weight
Losing weight is a pain.
I hate losing weight 

keep fit
More and more people in our company are keeping fit.

I think boxing is cool.

Chinese always like foreign goods.

The higher you are in a company,the more people you manage
The stronger the coffee, the happier I am

My daughter always asks strange questions.

I hope my next boss will be a nice person,

The cosmetics industry has been on a good trend these years.

The cleaner / the maid can help me with the housework.

need to do something
If I want to change to / get a better job,I need to improve my English.

help (to) do something
I help my friend Cherry to lose weight.

must do something
We must finish our work before we can play.

I take my daughter to a drawing class once a week.