VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [S / R]

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Correct the speaking from today


we are class mate in high school and we have the similar values. She is very extroverted but we are both a little traditional about the relationships. We are both think there is no friendship with girls and boys, and we never drink with boys except boyfriends, and we may never make friends with each other’s boyfriend.


connecting words in sections

Kevin wanted ||| to lose weight. ||||| He was getting fat. |||||| His stomach |||| was getting bigger. He was gaining weight. He was gaining one pound every week. He had to buy new pants. He didn’t fit into his old pants. He couldn’t see his feet anymore. When he looked down, all he could see was his big fat belly. He wanted his belly to disappear. How could he do that? How could he lose weight? What could he do? He talked to his wife. She told him to stop eating candy. She told him to stop eating cake. She told him to walk up and down the big hill every day.

strong vowels, over pronounced, big movement 

Margaret made a fresh salad. She peeled a yellow banana. She peeled a red apple. She peeled a green cucumber. She peeled an orange carrot. She peeled a brown potato. She peeled a white onion. She peeled a white egg. She chopped everything up with a sharp knife. She chopped everything into little pieces.

She told him to walk up and down the big hill every day.

Laura Ling Zhao
Jesse J Pickett

toned body – some muscle, almost no fat
fit = healthy, able to exercise


ow – aaaaoooo