VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [S]

Today we focused on:

IELTS speaking – grammar and incomplete sentences are the main issue.


balanced diet

endangered / extinct

IELTS speaking questions & notes

What was your favorite toy when you were a child? (Why?)

something like that / that kind of thing

sand castle / mud

Do you think toys are an important part of childhood and will you give your kids toys? 

i think / i feel / i reckon / i believe – from my point of view / in my opinion / from my perspective

we shouldn’t need to – we don’t need to 

what children they like

if i get a not very good if I don’t get a good result 

Describe a famous sports star that you like
Who it is
What kind of sport they do
How you knew him / her
Why are they famous

What kind of sport is the most popular in your country?

national ball – national sport 

win / beat 
eg. I win the game / I beat them

more prefer prefer 

we always do / work over time

A School You Attended
Describe a school you have attended (in your childhood). You should say:
what school it was
what the classrooms were like
what the teachers were like *
and explain how you felt about this school. *


i will describe my HS, because i had a very impactful experience during my high school and the classroom in china’s HS they are very crowded so there are around 50 students in 1 classroom and we could meet every day during the whole HS which is around 3 years, so it helps a lot to make good friends during that time, and also my best friends currently are ones I made at that time. Another thing which was unforgettable was my history teacher. at / during / for the 2nd year of my HS i chose to be an art student, i didn’t need to participate the UEE but I didn’t need a high score because I did painting, so when other students needed to focus …