VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [S]

Today we focused on:

Talked about “have got / has got” and focused on 3 grammar points for speaking: 3rd person verbs (+s), using conjunctions to make sentences longer, and not saying “I am want / he is want” but just “I want / he wants”.


have got = have
have got = must / need / have (xu yao / ying gai)
eg. I have got a lion / I have a lion
eg2. York has got to go home / York has to go home

I have to eat = I have got to eat
Lion has to sleep = Lion has got to sleep
York has to play games = York has got to play games

Lion has so much hair = Lion has got so much hair

Have you got a hat?
No I have not got a hat

menu – cai dan

eg. Now I can see you
eg. Now I look at you
eg. Mr Bean reads the pizza menu


3rd person – di san ren cheng
has / have
runs / run
walks / walk


he is want to eat breakfast. he see a pizza book. he see a pizza. he take a phone say “i want a one pizza”. Mr Bean is hear “ding dong”. Mr Bean take a pizza, give pizza man money. He see pizza is very small

he wants to eat breakfast so he looks at a pizza menu. he picks up a phone to say “i want a one pizza”. Mr Bean hears “ding dong” and then Mr Bean takes a pizza, and gives the pizza man money / and pays. He see that the pizza is very small so he feels angry. 

Before this speaking I told him to focus on 3rd person, longer sentences with conjunctions (and, but, so, because, and then) and saying “I want / he wants” rather than “i am want / he is want”. – Himself and Oven are new words.

He wants to make a pizza himself and then he takes egg and something. He puts the pizza in the oven and then Mr Bean takes pizza to eat. He writes menu and prints and gives so many people.

He wants to make a pizza himself so  he takes egg and something to put on the pizza. He puts the pizza in the oven and then Mr Bean takes the pizza out to eat. He writes a / makes a menu and prints it and gives it to so many people.