VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [S]


Write about your recent few days (weekend) – what have you been doing? thinking about? what problems or fun things happened? – think about past tense.

Today we focused on:

review first class + IELTS speaking topics


curator – ce zhan
eg. I want to work as a curator in the future

company – yi ge gong si
eg. I work for a company called SE

eg. I’m working at work on my work.

episode – each 30 minutes / each 1 hour
season – year
eg. I have watched 3 episodes of season 1

intense – sth that is a bit hard to handle because the levels of everything are really high
nervous – before a presentation / test / get married / some intense experience

travel – go from A to B (usually a long distance)
eg. I travel to work every day by car

I had class at 12. I had a photography class at 11. = I had a photography class at 11 before (having) a class at 12

I was majored in conference and exhibition

for one handon the one hand 

a lot of potential – sth that maybe will grow a lot in the future / improve a lot

to be honest / honestly / honestly speaking 

live alone – to leave the nest/ to fly the nest
eg. I felt like I needed to leave the nest but it was scary

it’s famous for – it’s big for / well known for 

it moved me – it made me feel really warm / it warms my heart 


I went to England for traveling like admiring some places, famous library or some london eye, or the big ben or ferris wheel so I’m really like the style a sense of ancient because I told I like the peace. One day I went to a game place like the shoot with lasers with my friends and we are divided into 2 groups. then go to compete. I think that’s an amazing experience. When I walked into a dark street, then a person suddenly come into my sight and shoot me, that made me so intense.

I went to England for a holiday to admire some places, like famous libraries or the london eye, or big ben or the ferris wheel so I really like the style that has a sense of tradition / culture / age / history because I told you I like the peace / I love peaceful places / the feeling of peace. One day I went to a place to play laser-tag with my friends and we were divided into 2 groups before going to / and then went to compete. I think it was an amazing experience. When I walked into / onto a dark street, then a person suddenly came into my sight / came into view and shot me which made me feel so intense.