VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [S]

Today we focused on:

reviewed a lot of english concepts from grammar, building sentences, phonetics, a-z pronunciation etc, next class should be focused on review and asking simple questions and answering with simple and complex sentences.


I wake up at 9 o’clock and then I eat breakfast at 10 o’clock. I eat 2 fried eggs. They are very good. I often eat (2) eggs in the morning because I think they are very good. I also think they are healthy / I think they are healthy too.

I wake up at 9 AM and I eat 2 eggs at 10 o’clock and then I have a shower in the bathroom and in the shower I wash my hair and outside the shower I dry my hair.


heel / heal


healthy – jian kang
I think health (n) is very important 
I am healthy (adj)

think – jue de
feel – gan jue / jue de
eg. I feel you are good / I think you are good

happy (adj)
angry (adj) anger (n)
hungry (adj) hunger (n)
eg. I think hunger feels very bad.

important – zhong yao
eg. English is very important

fry = jian de
deep fried = zha de
french fries = shu tiao

breakfast / lunch / dinner 

and then = after that = then / and after that
eg. I have class and after that, I go home. Then, I eat dinner and after that I go to sleep.


I wake up – mei you shi jian
Yesterday I woke up / Yesterday I talked to you  – guo qu – que ding shenme shi jian  / te ding de
Now I am waking up / Now I am talking to you

I am Jesse / I am Wang
I am here / I am in Shanghai
I am Australian / Chinese

talk / speak
talk / talked
wake / woke

at / on / in

at 5 o’clock
on Monday
in December – 12 yue
in the morning / afternoon / evening
in 2019

I look at you
I go to work