VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [S]


Write a diary like this one about your life:

weather is good
after class brunch
work at home

Today is very sunny / sunshine. When it is sunny, I am so happy. Today I take a shower at 10AM. It was very comfortable. I had class with Jesse but I thought it was Lily but Jesse told me it was him, so I go with him.


convenient – fang bian
eg. Living in SH is very convenient
comfortable – shu fu
eg. this chair is very comfortable

take a shower / have a shower

sometimes if I stay in a hotel, I take a bath

live – always (home)
eg. I live in Changning
stay – short time (hotel)
eg. I stay at the hotel when I travel

what do you suck at? I suck at swimming
I am good at math but I suck at English.

stuck – can’t move / can’t leave
eg. I’m stuck in China – I can’t leave

what are you doing recently?
don’t you work in the daytime?
how do you have time to have brunch?
I will work during brunch
I will work during Christmas

favourite – zui xi huan de
eg. what is the name of your favourite brunch restaurant?

important – zhong yao
eg. English is very important for me

How do you say ____ in English?

How do you feel? – describe your feeling

How does it taste? – describe the taste (wei dao)


pumpkin soup – nan gua tang

what else?
eg. I like coffee. What else? I also like tea. Anything else? Coke.
Would anybody else like to come?


soup – “soop” 

during – “dyou ring” (UK) / “doo ring” (US)
drink – “dringk


My favourite brunch restaurant is Garden Restaurant where I go with my friends on the weekend / On the weekend I often go to a restaurant for brunch with my friends which is called Garden Restaurant . I usually will take / get / order / have a coffee and sandwich with pumpkin soup. I think (the taste of) the food is so good and it is very quiet so I like it.

How do you know my name?
How do you know this restaurant?


I do – often / sometimes / always
I will do – future
I am doing – now

at = .
in = {……..}

month / year – in

when I am in here
when I am there
when I am home / at home