VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [S]

Today we focused on:

reviewed last class.

Next Class Focus

review 2 classes ago and focus on the grammar from today and last class.


2 verbs + “to” in middle!!

I like you
I want to drink water
I need to eat
He goes to buy something
I come to study English
I want to see Mr Bean
I want to play in the playground
I want to watch TV
I like to watch TV
I like to have class with Jesse

remember +s for di san ren cheng!!


have class – shang ke

use – yong
eg. Mr Bean uses a crutch to get the ball

watch – look at something moving
see – can find with your eyes
look – use your eyes to focus (zhu yi) on something
eg. I can see you but I am looking at my computer. I am watching a video.

climb – go up something (ladder, tree, mountain etc)


Mr Bean goes to Grandpa‘s home because the ball is on the roof. They watch Mr Bean get the ball because ball is very high, Mr Bean doesn’t take it / can’t get it. He uses a crutch to take the ball but he can’t. He takes a ladder to climb to get the ball. He climbs the ladder…