VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [S]


Review and answer questions next class using the words from today.

Today we focused on:

Focused on reviewing past notes and using the words. Then did lots of question and answers, and taught him words he needs to talk about his day


I learn fencing for 2 hours

I like to skip with a long rope

I like food

I read books for 3 days.

Needs more review

eg. I learn English for 1 hour today.

when – shenme shi hou (then = shi jian de)
why – wei shenme (ting qi lai xiang wei shenme de wei)

ie. I learn swimming for three months.

problem – wen ti (bad thing)
eg. my cup has a problem… it is too big!

how – zenme


I want (xiang yao) < > I don’t want (bu xiang yao)

go out – chu qu

thing – dong xi / shi qing
eg. I need to do something today / I want to ask you something
eg2. This is a white thing

I don’t know – wo bu zhi dao
I know – wo zhi dao

I remember – ji de
I don’t remember – bu ji de / ji bu zhu

after (zhi hou) < > before (zhi qian)
eg. After I go home, I eat dinner
eg2. Before I eat dinner, I wash my hands = After, I wash my hands, I eat dinner.

dining room – can ting

by car
by bus
by taxi
by metro / subway – di tie
by train
by plane
eg. I go to Japan by plane
eg2. I go to lujiazui by metro sometimes
eg3. I go home by bus sometimes

always – 100% – “orl wayzz”
usually – 90% – “you zha lee”
– 70% – “offen”
sometimes – 50%
occasionally – 20%
never – 0%

I always sleep at 8 PM
I usually eat bread for breakfast
I often wear this jacket
I sometimes go home by metro
I occasionally drink milk tea
I never drink coffee

AM = morning
PM = afternoon + evening


I go home
I go to school / work
I go to the park / bank / airport
I go to a / the restaurant / cafe


Helped with these words and asked some details by using Chinese

I wake up at 8 AM and then I brush my teeth and then I wash my face in the bathroom at home. I eat my breakfast in the dining room for 3 minutes. After breakfast, I go to school at 9 o’clock by car with my daddy.