VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [S]

Today we focused on:

focused on sentences and conjunctions to make longer sentences.


helped to write

Mr Bean is inside the home and he is tired but look like angry or bored. He is sit on the chair and he wants a robot clean the home. A man comes to Mr Bean’s house to give him a robot. He gives Mr Bean a robot and Mr Bean goes inside. Mr Bean open the box because he wants build a robot. He takes robot’s head and he puts it on the floor. He puts the battery in the control so he can turn on the robot.


turn on < > turn off
phone / computer / car
start < > stop
start the car / turn on the car

open < > close
open the door

this (1) / these (2+)
the thing here / the things here

that (1) / those (2+)
the thing there / the things there