F2F Class Notes (Jesse) [S]

Today we focused on:

Did some conversation and talked about grammar logic. And reminded her to write a diary regularly.


stock / shares – gu piao

industry – hang ye

public holiday 
eg. during public holidays there are many people everywhere

teach – tell sb knowledge / how to do
train – teach how to do

lecturers – theory (knowledge)
trainers – practical (how to do)

upset stomach – your stomach is uncomfortable

terrible / horrible / so bad 

raw < > cooked
eg. ban shu dan = half cooked egg

risk – a little danger
eg. I think if you eat raw egg it has a little risk

throw up – tu (sick)
eg. I was throwing up a lot when I was sick

“touch wood” – if you say something that you hope isn’t true


I don’t think the weather is very good today.
Why don’t you think the weather is very good today?
because there are too many clouds in the sky.

but / because / so = the same as chinese
and / when / if = different from chinese

I have a cold so I am sick

I like you not very much – I don’t like you very much < > I like you a lot

I drink the water
The water is drunk by me

someone made a tv show in this park – tv shows were / are made by someone in this park

I like you
I am like you / I am happy / I am here / I am Zoey / I am studying English


yesterday I have sick. Maybe I eat something not very cleaning. just went to the toilet for many times. i eat japanese food. i think the egg is not very egg so in future i think I will not to eat egg.

yesterday I was sick. Maybe I ate something not very clean / a little dirty. I just went to the toilet for many times. i ate japanese food but i think the egg was not very good / I don’t think the egg was very good so in the future i don’t think I will eat eggs.