VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [S]


Use some older vocabulary from classes in some writing. Try to use who + which.


they will let it be coldthey will make it cold

cold (too low temperature) / cool (perfect low temperature)

compromise – to give up something to reach an agreement

independent – du li de
eg. we are all independent adults

resent / to hold a grudge – to be angry with sb about sth and hold it inside you for a long time
eg. I try not to hold grudges against people, i think forgiving them is better

complex / complicated – fu za
eg. marriage is really complex

we have our self opinionswe have our own opinions 


water – w is like “want” 


I think communicate is most important in relationship such as when we argue with each other, i think the most important is say why this things is wrong, why you are very angry, tell the details, tell the feelings. There are 1 people need to tuo xie… if we discuss a things and have different opinion, i think it is must be 1 people must be agree with another one. If we meet the big problem, I think I need to agree with him. I think there are 1 people must be do that.

I think communication is the most important thing in relationships such as when we argue with each other, we should describe why we are very angry, and tell the details, and the feelings, and the reason it is wrong. There is 1 person who needs to compromise / give up something… if we discuss something and have different opinions / and disagree. If we meet a big problem, I think I need to agree with him. 1 party must do that.