VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [S]


learn: because / but / so
learn: who, what, why, where, how, when?

Today we focused on:

talked a lot about how to make sentences using conj + prep


How are you?

5 – great / very good
4 – pretty good / good
3 – good / not bad
2 – just OK / fine
1 – not great / not very good


How about you? / What about you?


at / for / with / to / on / in – prep

I eat breakfast with my mum.
I eat breakfast at 8 AM.
I eat breakfast at home.
I eat breakfast for 10 minutes.

because / and / but / so / if / when – conj

I eat breakfast because I am very hungry.
I eat breakfast and I go to school
I eat breakfast and Jesse eats lunch


York did most of this himself with me asking questions to help with sentences.

Today I wake up with my mum at 8 AM at home because I am very cold. I eat breakfast for 10 minutes in my room because I want to eat breakfast. I go to school at 9 AM with my mum by motorcycle and then I read a book at school for 10 minutes in the classroom. I eat rice and vegetables for lunch at 11 AM.

Mr Bean is very hot and he is hear ice cream car so he go to buy ice cream