VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [S]


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Write something like a story and try to use the words.

Today we focused on:

tried to focus on making longer sentences and adding details like who, what, where, why, how.


curriculum – the content of the course that you’re studying
eg. the curriculum at their school is very good – what they learn is good

come out / to be released 

tipsy – 1 drink
drunk – 4+ drinks
hammered / smashed / pissed = very drunk

get used to sth – xi guan
eg. I am used to China / iPhone / living in China

focus / give you a lot of love / attention 
eg. the parents usually give the youngest a lot of love / attention

he take toiletgo to the toilet / use the toilet / go to the bathroom / restroom 

I am into history = I like it

He’s just not that into you
I was really into my husband when we met. = I really liked him


I’m – aaaiiiiiiim
try – traaaaiiiiii
sleep – sleeeeep


When I was a student in middle school I’m interested history. my teacher is good and I had good feeling with my husband when I first meet because he know much knowledge about history, he can talk a lot of I never heard, so that’s why he attract me. He is traditional shanghainese.

When I was a student in middle school I was interested in history because my teacher was good / because of my teacher and I had a good feeling about / impression of / I was really into my husband when I first met him because he knew a lot about history, and he can talk a lot about things that I have never heard, so that’s why he attracted me. He is a traditional shanghainese man / guy.


I talk about…
I say sth…

I know knowledgeknowledge 
eg. I have a lot of knowledge / I got a lot of knowledge from that book

much – how much? I have muchI have a lot – I have so much – I don’t have much – uncountable – bu ke shu
many – how many? I have many – I have so many – I don’t have many – countable – ke shu

I like dancing. Dancing is fun.
I like coffee. Coffee is good.

I back home I am back home / I got back home 

I back the toysI put the toys back / they are back

I drink the water – every day
I drank the water – yesterday
I have drunk the water – past / general time (The water has been drunk by me / the water was drunk by me)