VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [S]


What do you think is the key to making friends?
Do you think people make more friends today than people did in the past?

Answer these questions by recording yourself speaking into your phone. Listen to it back and if you think it’s not good enough, do it again. Focus on this structure:

[ Main Idea + Details ] ___CONJUNCTION___ [ Main Idea + Details ]

[ I come to Smart English + to study English + with Jesse ]__BECAUSE __[ I think English is important + for me + to improve myself. ]


my job is responsible for sales director I am responsible for managing a sales team / I am the sales director / my job is to be responsible for a sales team 

not much valuethere is a cup on the table / there is not much value in operations director 

I very likeI really like 

talk / talked
tell / told


If you go shopping what is more important – comfort and practicality, or fashion?

I don’t need to fashion, because I need to wear it all day so I think the comfortable is very important. I have a experience like I look at a model wear a dress, it’s so beautiful but I buyd it but not try it but I brought it to my home and I wear it, it’s not suitable for me. Buy the clothes you need to try it.

I don’t like fashion, because I need to wear it all day so I think the comfort is very important. I had an experience in which I looked at a model wearing a dress, and it was so beautiful but I bought it but I didn’t try it but I brought it to my home and I wore it, but it was not suitable for me. If you buy clothes you need to try them.

None of these are corrected

Have you bought shoes online before?
every shoes, I need to try it because the shoe shape not suitable for everyone.

If I can’t use tight, I can use small.

How often do you go shopping to buy shoes or bags?

Not often, I go to buy my shoes or bags when I need to attend an important event.

I go to buy shoes or bags when I need to attend an event.

I think if you go to shopping every day, it’s not good because the money can be saved for more useful things. Why do you need so many goods? I would say “are you sick?, you can spend your time to running, or to go around anywhere, or to travel to overseas.”