VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [S]


Write about your experience at McDonalds and the office politics that you noticed. How do they organise the team and make sure everyone knows what to do?


advice (not countable)

buy one and song onebuy one get one free = BOGOF

oily – too much oil
spicy – la de
chocolaty – like chocolate
girly – like a girl
manly – like a man
boyish – like a boy

get angry with me / go off at me

too / either 
I like you, you like me too
I don’t like you, you don’t like me either

eg. SE company structure is Jesse & Judy at the top and location manager below that, and senior teachers…
eg. Jesse organises the notes into parts. The first part is homework, then vocabulary, then grammar.
eg. Judy and Zoe coordinate the student bookings, and Jesse coordinates the teacher training.
eg. Jesse manages the teachers and the education, and Judy manages the assistants, marketing and sales.

location (place / address
eg. SE has 2 locations, 1 in JingAn temple and 1 in Lujiazui

office politics – ban gong shi li
eg. office politics can be difficult to deal with

gossip – talk about other people for fun

eg. relationships are messy


when the customer will buy food – when the customer buys food…

when it rains, we all get wet. / I like coffee

If past, use past verb, don’t always think “was / were” 


she had a job for a short time so the manager told me what I can do when I don’t very clearly so my classmates teach me. We were work together. She wants to quit the job because I was fired at there so she don’t work there.

she had a job for a short time so the manager told me what I can do / what to do when I didn’t understand what she meant very clearly, my classmate taught me. We worked together. She quit because I was fired from there so she doesn’t work there either.