VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [S]


Write about what you did today / last night / this morning… and use the words and grammar we learned.

eg. Tonight I had class with Jesse at 8 PM and I felt tired because……

why, who, where, when, how, for how long, and then?


I like to go to work
I want to go to work

I go out. I go to work. I come here. I go home.

I go out to work.
I go out to eat.
I go out to drink.
I go out with my friends.
I go out at 8 PM.
I go to Japan with my friend to shop because we want to go.
There is a cup on the table
I have a cup on the table

at – time
on – day
in – long time / period

to + verb
for + noun

Why do you come here?
I come here to improve my English
I come here for fun / for Lily


straight – zhi jie

reply – hui da
plan – an pai

there is a cup on the table < > there is not a cup on the table
There are a lot of people in China < > There are not a lot of people in Australia

arrive – dao
what time did you arrive at work?


We did all the speaking together, the bold are the words I helped with. 

Today I woke up at 7 AM in my bedroom and then I ate breakfast at 8 AM. I went to work at 8:30 AM by train / metro / subway for 30 minutes. I arrived at 9 AM, and I checked my email. If there is an email from someone, I replied to them. My boss gave me a lot of campaigns to do for today. First, I look at the brief and then I plan the campaign by myself. Maybe I ate at 3 PM because I used lunch time to go to the gym to work out. 

After dinner what will you do? 

When I finish my class, I will go to dinner with my friend because I have not seen my friend for a long time. I will go home after dinner / I will go home after eating / I will go home when I finish dinner.


what / why / where / how / when – vowel sounds are all different

AEIOU – short + long

a – apple
e – egg
i – in
o – on
u – up

A – play
E – speak
I – wine
O – snow
U – few