VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [S]

Next Class Focus

email writing using template:

it doesn’t spend too muchcost too much 

difference between spend + cost 

Needs more review

I speak English well (adv)
I am well / I’m not well (adj) – not sick / sick

My English is good (adj) / I am a good person (adj)
I am good (adj)

pre = before
con = connect


I have a thing for tall guys

I think that you are nice.
It’s important that you study English

I have a computer that is black / which is black.

which = adding new details

that = saying the one you’re talking about
eg. my computer that is white is really good, but the black on isn’t.

multicolor – many colors

remote – far away
eg. we went to a really remote place

it’s everyone’s advice – it’s based on everyone’s suggestions / proposals

they advise where is appropriate

foreign peopleforeigner 

just the 2 of us / just us 2 / just us girls

it was just our group which included 20 people

When I am back home / When I get back home = arrive

When I go back home

I leave home at 9:30 and I get to work at 10AM.

depart < > arrive (formal)
leave < > get to (casual)

travel / trip / traveling 
eg. I like to travel = I like traveling
eg2. we had a good trip in gang su

go on = continue

because + sentence (as)
because of + noun / phrase (due to)
eg. I was late because of the traffic / because the traffic was so bad. 


last week I organised our whole department we took a outing trip, outside meeting to zhang ye in province gang su. We had a vote, more than 10 people choose zhang ye, another choice is nei mong gu, both are in the north of china because I think if we don’t take this time to this place we will never go on by myself. When we at there there are few people, only our 20 people in that sight seeing, we can do anything we want, we took a lot of picture.

last week I organised our whole department for an outing to / for an offsite meeting in zhang ye in gang su province / in the province of gang su. We had a vote, and more than 10 people chose zhang ye, and / but another choice / option was nei mong gu. Both are in the north of china / both are in northern China because / as I think if we didn’t take this opportunity to go to this place / to take this trip we will never go there by ourselves. When we were there there were few people, only the 20 people from our team / only the 20 of us in that tourist destination / in that spot / there so we could do anything we wanted like taking a lot of pictures and sitting on the ground.