VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [S]


Who: Susie, Jane, friends, girls.
When: winter, morning, weekend
Where: in the park, in the snow

Learn: Sun can melt the snowman
Feel: They feel happy because they make the snowman but they feel sad because the snowman is melting
And then: They go home.

One winter morning, on the weekend, a girl named Susie and her friend named Jane are at the park playing in the snow.

They are playing in the snow and want to make a snowman, so they walk and find lots of snow. They make a snowman with 2 big snowballs and put a hat on it. Jane puts the carrot on his head and put the rocks on his body and face. Susie put the scarf on his neck. They put sticks on his body. The snowman is melting because the sun is shining.

After that they go home and they learn the sun can melt the snowman so they feel sad. But, they feel happy too because they made a snowman.

Today I get up at 9 o’clock. I eat bread. It’s good. I read a book thirty minutes. It’s fun. I jump rope and it’s fun

Today I get up at 9 o’clock and then I eat bread because it’s good. I read a book for thirty minutes because it’s fun. I jump rope and it’s fun. I come here because I like English.


pearl milk tea – zhen zhu nai cha

and then – ran hou

because – ying wei

for – how long?
eg. I have class for 1 hour
eg2. I read a book for 30 minutes