VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [S]


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Write something like a story and try to use the words.


i feel very hard to express it’s difficult for me to express 

i’m not necessarily use my English in business occasions I don’t have to / it is not necessary use English very often in business occasions

I don’t necessarily like chocolate.

american cultures american culture

food – sth you eat
foods – types of food from different places
eg. the foods of asia are varied

I’ve been Europe for several times – I’ve been to Europe several times

I talk at you
I talk with you
I talk to you

verb – what time?
noun – which one? how many? 

I cannot to distinguishI can’t distinguish

some glass – material
some glasses – yan jing
a glass – cup

Iranian people – adj

political issues – adj

they were living therethey have been living there

there wasn’t many peoplethere weren’t many people 

closest families closest family 

if i’m going to … if i go to 


in oct ive been to france, paris. paris is the most beautiful city i have ever visited. we traveled the south france by droving the car, someone just broke the glasses of our car… i’ve visited mueseum and ive seen many famous pictures and artworks…

in oct I went / i visited to Paris, France. Paris is the most beautiful city i have ever visited. We traveled / visited the south of france by driving / by car… someone just broke the glass of our car… i visited museums and I saw many famous pictures and artworks…


intimate – close / warm / loving
eg. we had a very intimate wedding

revert / return

changed my perspective 

because – as – since – due to the fact that 
because of – due to 
so – so that 

insular / insulation 
eg. they live quite an insular lifestyle

stuff – uncountable
staff – uncountable
family – uncountable
eg. some stuff / 3 staff members / some family members




peopow – people


girl is good

people are good



game play crane rain