VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [R / S]

Today we focused on:

Vocabulary needed to make sentences talking about her day and life. Used Chinese and translated to English.


This computer is black. This is your computer. This computer is beautiful / super / nice / good. This computer is on the table.

I sit on the chair. The chair is brown / It is brown.

I wake up at 7 o’clock. I eat breakfast at 7:25. In the bathroom, I wash my face and brush my teeth. I go to school with my classmate at 8 o’clock because I want to study. I eat lunch at school at 12:30 with my classmates.

At school we eat lunch at 12:30


I have some water < > I don’t have a clock
I have a pen < > I don’t have a pen

I want to eat squid < > I don’t want to eat tomato

What’s the time? – ji dian zhong / 几点钟

Who – shui
What – shenme
Where – na li
Why – wei shenme
How – zenme
When – shenme shi hou

wear – chuan / dai

hat – mao zi

cup – bei zi

cut – qie

knife – dao

sharp – jian de

bite – yao

gloves – shou tao

boots – xue zi

hair – tou fa