VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [R]

Today we focused on:

reviewed articles from work and an email


franchise – a company with multiple locations, with the brand managed by a holding company, and each branch managed by an individual owner
eg. McDonalds is a franchise

formulator – sb who formulates / makes creams and lotions from natural products mostly

concentrate – a process of extracting a stronger form of something from many more of the same thing
eg. Jam is concentrated fruit

essence – the pure form of something / similar to concentrate
eg. perfume contains the essence of different flowers etc

harness – to hold / keep / use
eg. solar panels harness the sun’s energy to create electricity

nourished – healthy
eg. this cream can nourish your skin

vibrant – bright / colorful / energetic
eg. the vibrant colors of autumn are great for photos

profound – deep / meaningful / complex
eg. the effect that these classes have had on your English is profound

rejuvenate – to give life and make it healthy again
eg. this cream can rejuvenate your skin

release – to let sth go / stop holding sth / let sth out
eg. this cream releases moisture (water) into your skin

crop – sth grown on a farm

utilizing – to use sth you have done / you own
eg. I utilize my teaching experience to help you improve your English

extraction – to get sth out of sth else
eg. we extract coal from the ground and use it for electricity
eg2. we use a special method to extract honey from a bee hive

optimize – to use sth perfectly
eg. I try to optimize my time each day so I don’t waste time

capture – to get / find and keep
eg. I try to capture the attention and passion of my students to make them interested in English
eg2. we have captured the essence of this flower by using a special extraction method

paired (verb for pair) – to put together
eg. I have paired this student with another student and they will work together today
eg2. Chips paired with tomato sauce is a really popular pairing

preserved – to use a process to keep sth for a long time without it spoiling
eg. preserved vegetables are quite popular as side dishes in Korea


WHAT A WEEK !!!!! Kicking it off with the best strategy meeting ever for Darphin ( Dixit ELC CFO ) and continuing with the most outstanding brand experience offered to select key partners from priority markets. I could not close the week more happy and (be) proud of each and every one of you. It was literally Xmas ahead of time for me and for our beloved Brand. = it was like all of my christmases coming at once. / it was like Xmas came early for our beloved Brand.

I know of / I’m aware of all the hard work (that was) involved (you put in) and am so grateful for your passion and endless energy to take this business to new levels of success.
Darphin growth of +17% YTD November, and a December that is AGAIN breaking records month to date, are not ACCIDENTS !
YOU ARE JUST ROCKING THAT FLOOR and results are coming in.

Merci encore mille fois and have a wonderful restful weekend,

I want to take this project to the next level / I want to push it to the next level 

I’m aware of all the things going on / you being late recently. 

English is a priority for my life right now = It’s one of the most important things

prioritise – make sth most important / to make sth the focus
eg. I will prioritise my family at Christmas time

each and every one of you = every single one / all

literally = actually / really = the true meaning
eg. it’s literally 12:40 / he’s literally a pig… he’s a pig and he acts like a pic too

year to date = so far / as of now

Starting the day with a latte is really important for me, and continuing it with some cold water makes me feel really good. 

Sending me a message and telling me you’re going to be late isn’t a good idea, calling me would be much better. 

Close of business / End of day = after 6pm
eg. please send it by COB today

We will close off / out the meeting with a Q&A – end the meeting