VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [R]

Today we focused on:

pronunciation – connecting words and not adding “eh” on the end


relax yourselfrelax
eg. I watch TV to relax.

soy milk – dou jiang
soy sauce – jiang you
vinegar – cu

black tea – hong cha

owing to some spare timebecause I had some spare time 

manager / boss – someone who manages a staff member
He runs his own factory / owns / manages 


up – don’t say upper

picked us up – connect

clothes and shoes and lipstick – and = “an”


asked – skt – practice this


Frank is not an old man. He is only 61 years old. But he is dying. He is in the home for old people. Nobody visits him. His wife doesn’t visit him. She is already dead. She died six months ago. She died in the street. She was crossing the street. A car ran over her. Frank loves his wife. He got sick after she died. He never got better. The doctor says that nothing is wrong with Frank’s body. The doctor says that Frank wants to die. The doctor is right. Frank does not want to live without his wife.