VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [R]


Read the reading from today and copy Jesse’s video. Also practice consonants (not AEIOU) in Jesse’s video. Don’t make them “voiced” for the ends of words.


autobiographical book

auto = self
bio = life
graph = measure / record

Pneumono ultra micro scopic silico volcano coniosis

do makeup / put make up on  / wear make up 

I am at school / at home / work = maybe inside, maybe outside
I am in my classroom / in my house / in my office = inside 
I am outside my classroom / outside my house… = outside



finished – finisht


Laura looked out the window. A storm was coming. The sky was getting darker. The wind was starting to blow. Some trees were bending. Leaves were flying through the air. It was getting cold. She closed all the windows. She went outside. Her car was in the street. She closed the windows in her car. She locked her car. She went back into her house. She turned on the TV. She wanted to see the news about the storm. The TV person said it was a big storm. He said it would rain a lot. He told people to stay home.