VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Do a wechat service, and tell the teacher what you want to do. Listening to reading? Have a conversation? Review your last class notes?


eg. my body doesn’t respond to exercise very well / it responds very poorly

tone (v) / toned (adj)
eg. I want a more toned body / I want to tone my muscles
eg2. If I have a toned body, I will be happy

sore – adj
eg. my muscles are very sore / my muscles hurt because I exercised a lot today

pain – n
painful – adj
hurt – v
eg. it’s painful when I move my finger

is possible?can I / may I / am I able to
eg. Can I do / May I do / Am I able to do?

wait = just a sec / just a minute 

yell / shout
eg. I yelled at you for not reviewing your notes

it’s far too short / it’s way too short

sweetheart / darling / honey – sweet words that we call our loved ones

exposure – camera word

a tripod is essential if you want to take good photos at night


in my home – at home