VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Write about how many friends you have now in China and before in Spain. How did you meet them? What did you do with them?


don’t have good gel there wasn’t any good gel 

I have 2 arms / I have many SE students < > I don’t have 4 arms / I don’t have many SE students
There is a cup on the table / There are many students at SE < > There isn’t a cup on the table / There aren’t many students at SE

I have lived in China < > I haven’t lived in Japan – in your life, some time

I am living in China

I have been living / I have lived in China for 6 years / 2 years / I live in China but before that I lived in Spain and after this I guess I will live in Norway.

you are Jesse, you aren’t Elena

you’re not Elena

I like to drink chocolate
I like drinking chocolate

Drinking chocolate is fun
That is fun.
Reading books is my hobby. It is fun.

It is a starbucks coffee
It is a sunny morning

In the starbucks cup, I put some coffee
In the early morning, I had breakfast.

I study Chinese sometimes < > I don’t study Chinese + often
I came here today < > I didn’t come here on the weekend
I have lived in Columbia for 28 years < > I haven’t lived in Japan



pot plant

fault (say sorry) / mistake (normal) 
eg. that was my fault / mistake / bad
eg2. I make too many mistakes
eg3. I am at fault / it is my fault

good idea

exhausted – very very tired

shampoo – wash hair stuff

hair spray – pshhhhhh!

heavy / light
eg. I like my hair gel now because it is lighter than the others

watered down gel – gel + water